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The Basics

The Bomboniera consists of a pouch (bag made of tulle), that is filled with sugared almonds.  It is either handed out as is or attached to a small gift for the guest.  As a reminder of the special occasion, the item is personalised with a printed ribbon or a small card.

An odd number of sugared almonds are used in each pouch, either 3 or 5. The reason for this is that an odd number cannot be divided, therefore...the wedding couple , family, or business cannot be separated or divided.

Each almond has a significant meaning:

Health - Wealth - Happiness - Fertility/Growth - Long Life

The almond itself is symbolic as the sugar coating on the outside symbolises the sweetness of life/marriage and the bitter tasting almond symbolises the bitterness of life/marriage which sometimes can occur.


The basics



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