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 We have various accessories that you would require for your special function.


Accessories Accessories Accessories
  • Silver Goblets
  • Garters
  • Candles
  • Ring Holders
  • Ring Cushions
  • Cake Knife and Lifters
  • Wedding and Baptism Candles

We have a large collection of small boxes that can be filled with chocolates, almonds, nougat, or whatever is required.  We have a set range of boxes available and depending on the quantity, we can make specific boxes on order.

Personalised Ribbons and Candles

We sell a large variety of printed ribbons.  Our ribbons are foil-printed in various colours.  If you have a specific ribbon colour requirement, you can bring us a sample of the colour, which we can match as close as possible.  Please order two weeks in advance.

Accessories Accessories Accessories

For the Greek couple

We have a variety of Stefana (joint wedding crowns) and Lambadas (Greek wedding and Baptism candles) available.

For Baptisms we have a variety of Martarika, which are sold individually or we can add ribbons and pins to them for the special day.


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